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We prefer to do business shoulder-to-shoulder with your management team. By working closely together with your most passionate people, we want to make sure that we fully understand what makes your business tick, and how we can help it tick faster, reduce your risks and increase the likelihood of your success. Throughout the process and depending on what’s needed, we can take different roles:



Result offers advice and experience in key areas such as strategy, internationalisation, financing, cost-cutting, partnership generation, sales and marketing.


Interim managers

Result is made of entrepreneurs who like to go in and take an operational responsibility (e.g. as a general manager partner.



At Result we provide recruitment consultancy services to our clients, helping them to get suitable candidates, cultivate and retain them.



Our passion and our background are in building companies, therefore we look for opportunities where we can become business partners and co-entrepreneurs.



Our offices and extensive local and international network offer fast and easy access to potential clients, distributors, strategic partners, financiers and other business critical relations.


All Resultants are experienced senior managers. Almost all of us have a history as entrepreneurs (having successfully established and exited our own businesses) or as intrapreneurs (having managed medium size or big companies). Many of us hold advisory board positions in other companies and industry organizations.

We can bring in seasoned general managers, channel strategists, sales executives, branding and advertising gurus, SEO/SEM pioneers, program managers, eCommerce veterans, gaming specialists, chief operating officers…

Result in Brazil includes a set of local and international professionals with great experience and qualified skills to work at TIME (Telecom Internet IT Media Entertainment) and other industries too. The team is made of partners and associates including executives and entrepreneurs based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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We’re active in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We have people on the ground in several markets, and have extended footprints in many neighboring countries.

In Brazil we have offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Our working hours are from 9am till 6pm from Monday till Friday.


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